Positioning of websites and Google ads

Web positioning

The aim of website positioning is increasing the visibility of a website in the search results after typing in a given phrase.

It depends on optimisation thanks to which it is possible to adjust the content, links and other elements of the website in such a way that it is as visible as possible to the search engine robots.

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization SEO, i.e. optimization of the website in terms of the search engine, that is adjusting the websites to their appropriate perception by Internet search engines so that the given website achieves high ranks in search engines.

What is the difference between website positioning and SEO

SEO is contained in website positioning and is one of the tools with which the aims of web positioning are achieved.

Web positioning refers to all the activities which aim to increase the ranking of the website in Google and it contains both SEO and activities aiming to increase the number of links coming to the website i.e. link building. 

SEO can exist without web positioning but web positioning does not exist without SEO

Google AdWords / Google Ads

It is an advert in the Google search engine which consists of displaying sponsored links. Here you will pay only if someone clicks on your advert.

Since 24th July 2018 Google has opted for rebranding and now Google Adwords has changed into Google Ads.

How does it work? You choose the maximum limit of how much you want to spend daily / monthly on Google Ads. The rate for clicking depends on, among other things, the popularity of a given business and used key words.

Google Ads campaigns work at once and the effect can be visible immediately. It is a perfect solution for new websites which stand a chance of being noticed thanks to Google Ads.

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