SSL certificates Security and confidentiality of your information

Since July 2018 the Google company, which is the owner of one of the most popular Internet search engines called CHROME, has introduced the function of tagging the websites which do not have the SSL certificate as unsecured. 

Google has announced that it wants to increase security in the Web and unsecured websites will not be promoted in the search results.

Website credibility

The certificate constitutes the credibility of the given website because the data is encrypted and it is impossible to modify it.


The SSL certificate makes it clear for the customers that their data is fully protected and secure and the information which is sent will not be accessed by unauthorized persons.


SSL certificates ensure protection during data transmission and their confidentiality on the Internet

Trust in the website

If your customer visits your website, they will immediately notice that you use the SSL as it will be shown with the green padlock on the search bar.

Brand recognition

Having the SSL certificate shows your prospective customers that you are a businesslike trading partner who can be trusted.


We have a guarantee that the passwords, e-mail addresses and other data we type in which should not be captured will only be made to the correct person.


SSL certificate is the simplest, best and easiest way of meeting the GDPR requirements because it constitutes cryptographic security.

Web positioning

A website with the certificate is better positioned. SSL has a positive impact on the assessment of the website by the Google algorithm.

Do you want your website to be marked as “unsecured” or is it better to have a padlock?

Be reliable on the web

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