Frequently Asked Questions 

The time during which the website is created is fixed individually. 

Usually it takes 14 – 21 days depending on the number of orders.  

Every design of a website is priced individually depending on the complexity and expected functionalities. If you want to receive the pricing of a website, please contact us:

  •  + 48 578 581 555
  •  +48 58 533 42 78

A responsive website (RWD) is designed in such a way that it is correctly displayed on all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

All our websites are designed in the RWD technology.

We provide free of charge for all websites created by us, minimum two years guarantee of proper functioning.
We also take care of the website after this time. Please contact us to receive an individual pricing.

Yes, of course. We will suggest the most optimum solution. Please feel free to contact us.

  •  + 48 578 581 555
  •  +48 58 533 42 78

We set the method of settlement individually with each client. Most often, after determining the details of the order, you are required to pay PLN 500 net of the deposit. We expect the remaining amount after the website is completed and implemented. 

1st stage

Let us get to know each other – the most important thing is to get to know the customer and what the customer does. The first contact can also be via e-mail, phone, personal encounter e.g. in our office in Gdańsk, 13A Kaprów Street (the pomorskie voivodship and phone or e-mail – all Poland). After an initial interview and our analyses, we suggest solutions which could be accepted by our customer.

2nd stage

Deposit and contract so some formalities at the beginning

Before we start our work, our customer needs to pay a deposit, it is usually 300 PLN. It is a declaration of cooperation which is supposed to protect the interests of both parties. Within our contract we undertake to fulfil the order on time, to preserve confidentiality and to grant the warranty for the website.

3rd stage

Production of the website

Preparing an easy-to-operate navigation of the website, placing interesting graphics which can be done specially at the customer’s request and adjusted to what they do, selecting a legible and clearly visible typeface are a basic part of our work at this stage. On the basis of the analysis, collected information, materials and images provided by the customer we prepare a design of the website. The next stage is discussing the design with the customer and making possible corrections suggested by the customer.

A sample schedule of creating websites:

  • Preparations to start the work – providing a set of materials and doing additional, extra paid, works (e.g. the logo, identification register, images, videos, offers, patterns, contents) which are indispensable to fulfil the order.
  • We create general ideas of the new website and advise effective solutions.
  • Production of the layout, done on the basis of unique patterns of subpages (the stage of acceptance).
  • Installation of additional modules managed by CMS.
  • Implementation tests: of the quality, performance and integrity of the views in the browsers
  • Passing the website to the customer
  • Updating the website with materials (e.g. contents, images, videos) together with a possible touch-up and graphic and factual adjustment
  • Launching the website on the Internet (on the server belonging to the Tassel company or provided by the customer in the customer’s domain or a newly registered one) and transferring the copyrights to the designed website
  • Training in the operation of CMS for the customer

The website is created within approximately 2-3 weeks depending on its sophistication.

4th stage


At this stage the website undergoes a lot of tests – we make sure that all the functionalities have been done in accordance with the customer’s requirements and if they work faultlessly. We make the last corrections.

5th stage

Warranty is guaranteed guaranteed

A 12-month service is a part of the warranty. At that time every noticed problem with the website will be corrected. We additionally provide services related to the current updating and development of the website.

6th stage

Updating i.e. you can be the administrator

Every website created by us is equipped with a simple and easy-to-operate control panel (CMS – Content Management System), allowing updating the content of the website without asking a professional for help. The control panel has been created for people who do not need to use a computer as a tool at work, for computer illiterate people and to fully operate it only basic knowledge of how to use a computer is needed. The administrator can easily modify the contents of the website, create a gallery without using graphics software, quickly edit the updates, change the products or other contents of the website. We ensure training for using the control panel.