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Content Management System allows updating the content of the website without asking a professional for help. The control panel has been created for computer illiterate people and to fully operate it only basic knowledge of how to use a computer is needed. The user can easily modify the contents of the website, create a gallery without using graphics software, quickly edit the updates, change the products or other contents of the website. We ensure training for using the control panel.

It ensures confidentiality during data transmission on the Internet. The certificate constitutes the credibility of the given website and makes it clear for the customers that their data is fully protected. If your customer visits your website, they will immediately notice that you use the SSL as it will be shown with the green padlock on the search bar. A website with the certificate is better positioned. SSL has a positive impact on the assessment of the website by the Google algorithm.

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It is a unique name on the Internet with which we can place the website in the Web, create e-mail accounts etc. If you wish to check if a given domain is available, it is enough to type its name in the search engine on our website in the “domains” tab.

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It is a service consisting of making the resources of the server available as well as of providing the volume of the hard drive and data which is sent on the Internet.

Web hosting is renting space on the computer working 24 hours a day. Then at any time of day or night we can visit a website, browse it and use it freely. 

We can talk about shared web hosting which consists of sharing the resources and the computing power of the server. It means that on a single server many different websites function at the same time. 

Dedicated web hosting in which the server is totally dedicated to the needs of one customer.

If you order in our company the BUSH Package, we offer the web hosting service for 1 PLN for the first year.

The aim of website positioning is increasing the visibility of a website in the search results after typing in a given phrase.

It depends on optimisation thanks to which it is possible to adjust the content, links and other elements of the website in such a way that it is as visible as possible to the search engine robots.

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We take care of the correct functioning of the websites created by us. Each customer can receive assistance and free support within 12 months. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), i.e. optimization of the website in terms of the search engine. We need to achieve as high as possible ranks in the search results of the search engines for the given key words.

It is contained in website positioning and is one of the tools with which the aims of the website positioning are achieved.

SEO can exist without website positioning but web positioning does not exist without SEO.

Yes, it is indispensable. Each website must be stored somewhere and be available 24 hours a day.

A server is a special computer, which is always switched on and connected to the Internet, on which special software for operating Internet services is installed. All the files such as images, texts and videos of the website are on the server. 

Responsive Web Design is a way of designing a website which automatically adjusts to the size of the screen on which it is displayed. The website is correctly displayed on various devices, e.g. computers, tablets and smartphones.

All our websites are normally designed in the RWD technology.

It is an English abbreviation meaning frequently asked questions.

If you have not found the answer to any question connected with websites or our services, please feel free to contact us.

It’s an advert in the Google search engine which consists of displaying sponsored links. Every website may come first on the list of searched websites. You will pay only if someone clicks on your advert. You choose the maximum limit of how much you want to spend daily / monthly on Google Ads. The rate for clicking depends on, among other things, the popularity of a given business and used key words.

Google Ads campaigns work at once and the effect can be visible immediately. It is a perfect solution for new websites which stand a chance of being noticed thanks to Google Ads.

A back-up is a copy of all the files – images, videos, documents and databases of which your database consists. In case of a mishap, e.g. the failure of the servers, hacking or error happening during updating the website, you will recover your website.

We can guarantee regular back-ups of your website and, if necessary, quickly restore its correct content.