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Ranking 2021: the best companies designing websites

In the next installment of the "Ranking of the Best" series on the website of we won the first place in the categories "The best companies designing websites in the Tri-City" and "The best specialists in designing websites in Gdańsk„.

Most of our customers come to us on someone’s recommendation

We value and respect every customer. Everyone who has dealt with us knows that we always answer the phone and reply to emails.  

We value direct contact or telephone conversation because we can get to know one another even more. We analyse the needs and then suggest solutions which according to our experience will best meet our customer’s needs.

Each new website is a source of great satisfaction to us. We work on each design as long as the customer is fully satisfied.


Tassel – adventure with the Internet

Our adventure with websites dates back to the time when the Internet in Poland was still in its infancy. The founder of the TASSEL company, Michał Witt, has always been interested in latest technological developments. In the 1990s the Internet was such a latest technological development.

Who remembers the time of Windows 3.1 and dial-up modems used to connect with the Internet with the use of the access number 0202122 of the Polish Telecommunication company? Websites looked in a totally different way then. There were different possibilities, connection speeds and the computer hardware itself. Unfortunately, not too many of Michał’s works from those times have survived. Only the “Internet” magazine from 1998, kept as a souvenir, where we can see the website dedicated to the passion of the CB radio, proves his over 20 years of experience.

he preserved scan of the page from the “Internet” magazine from 1998. In the picture we can see the description of the website created by the founder of the Tassel company which was in the guidebook to the Polish Internet in the “Internet” magazine in January 1998.

Back cover of the “Internet” magazine from 1998. Inside there is the website created by the founder of the Tassel company.

Out of passion for business

Designing websites had been a hobby for many years up to the moment when it was possible to combine passion with professional activity. What was helpful in this respect were my studies but most of all the joy of creating and the pursuit of self-development.

Each website created by us is different, each customer has different requirements and expectations and we are the creators who want to live up to them. Even though in the last 20 years an enormous number, counted in the hundreds, of websites have been created, we still find the process of creating them pleasant. We love what we do as well as the customers who we are on good terms with. You only have to read the opinions about our company.


Scan of the „Express” newspaper from June 2013. Creator of the portal of the Chwaszczno village, Michał Witt, took first place in the Polish national competition called “Sołectw@ w sieci” (“Village in the Web”)